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Business Development Division

Business Development Division promotes Tohoku University's international industry-university collaboration. By propelling collaboration with overseas companies, the division supports the University's mission of contributing to the international society, and further enhancement of its international competitiveness.

Principal Services:

1. Supporting Contract Affairs in English

We offer support for contract affairs that are necessary in working with overseas companies - in forms that include joint research, sponsored research, academic consultation and non-disclosure agreement.

2. Establishing Relationships with Overseas Companies

Matching Companies' Needs and the University's Research Achievements on International Basis

We are active in visiting overseas companies, introducing research achievements of the University and figuring out what are the most up-to-date needs of the company, then we introduce that to the appropriate researchers. Another significant activity of ours is to develop existing relationships deeper with overseas companies, such as sponsored research and joint research, aiming at constructing long-term relationships with appropriate persons in those companies.

Attending Overseas Companies' Visit

In conjunction with various organizations we attend to visitors from companies, setting up meetings with appropriate researchers and introducing the University.

Public Relations

Public Relations is another significant part of our activities. Principally, we work on spreading information of our research achievements on international basis, participating in overseas exhibitions and symposiums.