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About Office of Cooperative Research and Development


Since its foundation, Tohoku University has conducted world-class research and education based on the principles of “Research First,” “Open-Door,” and “Practice-Oriented Research and Education.” Our research achievements have provided solutions to issues confronting society, while we have contributed to the peace and prosperity of global society by fostering human resources with strong leadership capacities.

Based on our policy of being “A University Open to the World and the Community.” Tohoku University's third mission, in addition to the education and research, is to make a social contribution. To this end, the Office of Cooperative Research and Development (OCRD) operates both as a window for industry in meeting society's needs and as an organization supporting industry-university collaborative work undertaken by our researchers.

The OCRD's task is consequently to offer the university's research achievements to society and to pursue technological transfer to industry, working in conjunction with the relevant institutions to promote industry-university collaboration. Starting this fiscal year, we will also be aiming to strengthen industry-university partnership from an international perspective.

The OCRD was reorganized in October 2008, and operations have been launched under the new set-up, which entails three divisions: the Intellectual Property Division, which handles, the management of intellectual property; the International Cooperation Division, which engages in collaboration and planning with firms overseas; and the Industry-University-Government Collaboration Division within the Research Cooperation Division, which handles activities such as liaison and administrative support.

We at the OCRD will continue to pursue industry-university collaboration with our eyes firmly on Tohoku University's goal of becoming a “World-Leading University” that takes on the various challenges facing society, and we look forward to your support and cooperation in this endeavor.

February, 2009

Office of Cooperative Research and Development
Tohoku University