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About Office of Cooperative Research and Development

Organization Chart


Intellectual Property Division

  • Assessment/examination of intellectual property, patent applications, acquiring, maintaining and waiving IP rights, etc.
  • Joint IP rights application agreements
  • IP human resource development, education, awareness-raising and PR
  • Business tie-ups/coordination with TLO (Technology Licensing Organization)

Business Development Division

  • Promotion of Tohoku University research activities
  • Planning and promoting organizational partnerships in relation to industry-university collaboration
  • Promotion and support for business start-ups using research results
  • Support for research agreements with overseas companies

Industry-University Cooperation Division

Industry-University Cooperation
  • Planning training for industry-university collaboration and IP
  • Creation of various types of survey materials related to university-industry collaboration (including IP)
External Fund Management
  • Support for research agreement arrangements on joint and sponsored research, etc.
  • Requests for research funding allocations
  • Acceptance of donations and establishment of endowed chairs and research divisions, etc.

Innovation Promotion Support Division

  • Administrative support for organizational Industry-University collaboration projects

Center for Integrated Nanotechnology Support

  • Rental service for equipment (i.e. electronic microscope, etc.) related to nanotechnology research