Press Release 13/09/03 Evaluation of the long-term biopersistence of multi-walled carbon nanotubes in rat subcutaneous tissue
Press Release 13/04/17 Enzymatic production of sesaminol, a sesame lignan showing a variety of health benefits
Press Release 13/04/01 World’s first demonstration of the arbitrary control of the electron spin orientation without the use of a magnetic field: Discovery of new phenomenon "mobile spin resonance", applications toward a quantum computer
Press Release 13/03/13 A new guideline for the development of novel functional hydrides: Elucidation of the formation process of perovskite-type hydrides
News 13/01/29 Tohoku University Research Profiles Website has been renewed.
Event 12/12/14 Executive Director of Tohoku Medical Megabank and Scientific Project Manager of UK Biobank gave lectures on “How Biobank will contribute to medicine in future” at Tohoku University’s International Symposium in Tokyo
Event 12/10/25 5th International Industry-University Collaboration Symposium ~Learn from Disaster: Collaboration with International Community in New Era~ (12/4)
Press Release 12/06/20 Bio-LSI: Fusion of world-leading MEMS and LSI technologies realize a new label-free imaging tool for real-time observation of biomolecules on an amperometric sensor array
Achievement 12/06/18 NEC and Tohoku University develop a new device for generating electricity from easily accessible heat sources
Press Release 12/06/13 The successful development of high energy density lithium secondary battery employing organic molecules as cathode materials
Press Release 12/06/11 Standby-Power-Free Large-Scale Integrated Circuits using Nonvolatile Spintronics Devices - Now with high speed, density, and reliability -
Press Release 12/06/08 How does a single gene make single neurons sexually different
Press Release 12/06/07 Development of a microchip which allows for the comprehensive monitoring of cell activity
Press Release 12/06/05 The most efficient Quantum Dot Solar Cell produced using High Density Uniform Quantum, Nano Disk Array Structure - The achievement of world’s highest conversion efficiency of 12.6 % in Silicon Quantum Dot Solar Cells -
Press Release 12/06/05 Nanoscale imaging of structure and chemical concentration of living cells -Development of a new fabrication and positionning method of nanoelectrode for nanoscale imaging-
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