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12/06/18 NEC and Tohoku University develop a new device for generating electricity from easily accessible heat sources
12/05/16 New complex hydride with both sodium fast-ionic conductivity and high electrochemical stability
11/01/31 Breakthrough in technology for analyzing credibility of large amounts of information on the Internet
11/01/07 Preventing Kidney Disease by Drinking Water - Water with high levels of dissolved hydrogen produced by electrolysis suppresses complication of chronic kidney disease in rats -
10/12/06 Discovery of a New Gene associated with Neurodegeneration in Early-onset Parkinson’s Disease - Possible New Therapeutic Target -
10/12/02 Professor Kweon Ki-Chul and Associate Professor Michi Fukushima received 5th Tadao Kiyonari’s JASVE Awards
10/11/26 Development of Materials for Phase-change Random Access Memory with Low-power Consumption and Long-term Reliability - Toward application for involatile phase-change random access memory -
10/11/16 Discovery of a Protein Regulating Chromosome Segregation - Possible involvement with cancer development caused by chromosomal abnormality
10/11/08 The Fabrication of Economical Nano-Lattice Antireflection Surface at the Tip of Optical Fibers using Nanotechnologies
10/10/27 Universality of Superconducting Mechanism in Iron-based High-temperature Superconductors - Determination of the symmetry of superconducting-electron pairs -
10/10/13 Starting the demonstration experiment of telemedicine systems called Electronic Doctor’s Bag in Miyako Island
10/09/29 Professor Seiji Samukawa received Plasma Prize from American Vacuum Society
10/09/27 Thermoelectric Generation from Insulators - Pave the way for the development of green and energy-saving devices -
10/09/27 Elucidation of Mechanism for Metallic Conductivity in Superconducting Cements - Direct observation of free electrons in a cage -
10/09/27 Waking Up Cortical Neurons by the Wave of Green Light - A basic study for the optical communication between brain and machine -