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Hardware Development of Brain Computer and its Application to Visual Information Processing SATO, Shigeo (Professor)
Cyber Physical Systems Security and Its Applications HOMMA, Naofumi (Professor)
Development of the e-voting system KAWAMURA, Kazunori (Associate Professor)
High Secure P2P-type Decentralized Online Storage based on Blockchain SAKAI, Masao (Associate Professor)
Cooperative Distributed Knowledge Processing and its Applications towards Cyber Society Tetsuo Kinoshita (Professor)
Advanced Wireless Information Technology SUEMATSU, Noriharu (Professor)
Internet video streams have identities like fingerprints KATO, Nei (Professor)
Natural Language Processing for Semantic Analysis of Big Data INUI, Kentaro (Professor)
Digital Signal Processing KAWAMATA, Masayuki (Professor)
International industry-academic consortium (CIES consortium) enhances creation of innovative integrated electronic technologies from material/process/LSI to software/tool/system (Center for Innovative Integrated Electronic Systems: CIES) ENDOH, Tetsuo (Professor)
Development of Advanced Device and Process Technologies and New Image Sensors SUGAWA, Shigetoshi (Professor)
Theoreteical Computer Science and its Applications TOKUYAMA, Takeshi (Professor)
Network Roaming System with Flexible Access Control SONE, Hideaki (Professor)
Programming Language Theory and Computation Models SUMII, Eijiro (Professor)
High Performance Computer Architectures and their Applications KOBAYASHI, Hiroaki (Professor)
Dependable Air: Reliable and Heterogeneous Wireless Network TSUBOUCHI, Kazuo (Visiting Professor)
Interactive Content to Enrich Our Lives KITAMURA, Yoshifumi (Professor)
Spintronics Devices and Materials MIZUKAMI, Shigemi (Professor)
Creation, Understanding and Distribution Technologies for Next-generation CGM/UGC content AOKI, Terumasa (Associate Professor)
Development of Passive Millimeter-wave Imaging Device for Practical Applications SATO, Hiroyasu (Assistant Professor)