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Hands-On Access Fabrication Facility –Open Facility for MEMS and Semiconductor Prototyping– TOTSU, Kentaro (Associate Professor)
Supercritical Hydrothermal Synthesis of Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Nanoparticles ADSCHIRI, Tadafumi (Professor)
Development of Compound Semiconductor Radiation Detectors HITOMI, Keitaro (Associate Professor)
Development of Nano-Interface Chemistry for Materials Sciences Using Surface Forces Measurement KURIHARA, Kazue (Professor)
Theoretical Design of New Materials and Device Functionality based on First-principles Calculations SHIRAI, Masafumi (Professor)
Room temperature bonding using thin metal films (Atomic Diffusion Bonding) SHIMATSU, Takehito (Professor)
Development of nanometer-scale surface vibrational spectroscopy and its application to actual devices UEHARA, Yoichi (Professor)
Molecular Dynamics Analysis of Coating and Surface Modification OHARA, Taku (Professor)
Functional coatings using a hard carbon film MIKI, Hiroyuki (Associate Professor)
Suppression of Intergranular Degradation of Polycrystalline Materials by Grain Boundary Engineering SATO, Yutaka (Professor)
Creation of New-Functionalized Nano-Carbon Using Advanced Plasma Technology HATAKEYAMA, Rikizo (Professor)
Joule Heat Welding of Ultrathin Metallic Wires and its Application for Producing Functionality TOHMYOH, Hironori (Associate Professor)
Microwave Processing of Functional Inorganic Materials TAKIZAWA, Hirotsugu (Professor)
Highly-efficient Coating Technique for Preparation of High-temperature Superconductor Film GOTO, Takashi (Professor)
High-Speed, Low-Temperature Deposition of Hard Ceramics Coating GOTO, Takashi (Professor)
Development of Open Nanoporous Base and Half Metals, Metalloids and their Alloys KATO, Hidemi (Professor)
A novel crystal growth via controlling an energy relationship between crystal and melt with applying an electric field UDA, Satoshi (Professor)
Analysis and Function Elucidation of Fine Clusters and Defects in Materials Invisible by Electron Microscopy NAGAI, Yasuyoshi (Professor)
Study on Phase Change Materials for PCRAM Application SUTOU, Yuji (Associate Professor)
Precipitation Hardened Co-based Alloy OMORI, Toshihiro (Associate Professor)