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Applying Blended Learning to Special Needs Education KUMAI, Masayuki (Professor)
Data Analytics for Creation of Social Values ISHIGAKI, Tsukasa (Associate Professor)
ICT Use by Teachers and Students in the Classrooms of Elementary and Secondary Schools HORITA, Tatsuya (Professor)
Philosophy of Science and Technology, Science and Technology Studies (STS) NAOE, Kiyotaka (Professor)
Public Anthropology for Multicultural Co-Existence NUMAZAKI, Ichiro (Professor)
Business Continuity Management (BCM) MARUYA, Hiroaki (Professor)
Economics of Aging YOSHIDA, Hiroshi (Professor)
English Vocabulary and Word-Formation: Synchronic and Diachronic Approaches NAGANO, Akiko (Associate Professor)
Corpus-Based Lexicology of Modern Japanese GOTOO, Hitosi (Professor)
Food Palatability, Product Usability, and Preference; An Approach from Psychology and Neuroscience. SAKAI, Nobuyuki (Associate Professor)
Universal Design in Language Use KOIZUMI, Masatoshi (Professor)
Coaching and Human Resource Development KITAMURA, Katsuro (Professor)
Support for Succession of Traditional Performing Arts which Utilized Motion Capture System WATABE, Shinichi (Professor)
Changing Corporate In-Service Training NAKAJIMA, Taira (Associate Professor)
A Comparative Semantic Analysis of English and Japanese ONO, Naoyuki (Professor)
Research in Dynamism of Culture, Society, Religion and Languages in Contemporary South Asia YAMASHITA, Hiroshi (Professor)
Business Administration and Corporate Social Responsibility TAKAURA, Yasunari (Associate Professor)
Nonprofit Organizations and Social Capital NISHIDE, Yuko (Associate Professor)
New Business Development Strategy of the Firm OHTAKI, Seiichi (Professor)
Neuroimaging Study of Japanese Lexical and Sentential Processing MIYAMOTO, Tadao (Professor)