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[magnetoresistive devices]

Spintronics Devices and Materials MIZUKAMI, Shigemi (Professor)


Magnetic Applications and Magnetic Materials ISHIYAMA, Kazushi (Professor)

[male sterility]

Methods to Restore Strelity of Gramineous Plants under High- and Low-Temperature Stress Conditions HIGASHITANI, Atsushi (Professor)

[manufacturing metrology]

Development of Sensors and Measuring Systems for Ultra-Precision Manufacturing and Nanomanufacturing GAO, Wei (Professor)


Data Analytics for Creation of Social Values ISHIGAKI, Tsukasa (Associate Professor)

[material design]

Material Design for Solution of Energy and Environmental Problems by Multi-Physics and Multi-Scale Simulation KUBO, Momoji (Professor)


[Man-Machine Interface Usability]

Application of Nuroimaging Technique to Interface Evaluation TAKAHASHI, Makoto (Professor)


Real World Robotics KOSUGE, Kazuhiro (Professor)

[Marfan syndrome]

Development of preventive medicine for aortic aneurysm and dissection of Marfan syndrome SAITO, Masahiro (Professor)

[Marker-assisted selection]

Studies on Genome and DNA Polymorphism in Rice and Cruciferous Crops for Plant Breeding NISHIO, Takeshi (Professor)

[Mass Spectrometry]

Highly Sensitive and Simultaneous Absolute Protein Quantification by LC-MS/MS TERASAKI, Tetsuya (Professor)

[Mass Transport]

Molecular Dynamics Analysis of Coating and Surface Modification OHARA, Taku (Professor)


Research in Dynamism of Culture, Society, Religion and Languages in Contemporary South Asia YAMASHITA, Hiroshi (Professor)

[Material Degradation]

Electromagnetic Nondestructive Inspection System for Complicated Structures TAKAGI, Toshiyuki (Professor)

[Material evaluation]

Electromagnetic Nondestructive Inspection System for Complicated Structures TAKAGI, Toshiyuki (Professor)
Development of nanometer-scale surface vibrational spectroscopy and its application to actual devices UEHARA, Yoichi (Professor)

[Material flow analysis]

Eco-Material Processing NAGASAKA, Tetsuya (Professor)
Visualization of supply chain risks from the resource logistics perspective MATSUBAE, Kazuyo (Professor)

[Material models]