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Development of Sustainable Integrated Multiphase Energy System

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Our laboratory mainly focuses on the research and systematization based on the phenomenologically verified computation for the development of sustainable multiphase fluid machinery and the optimization of mechanical design in connection with the frontier energy and environmental problems which contributes to the green innovation. Our study is performed by using the transdisciplinary fluid integration method which closely combined with experimental and computational technique. Especially, the cluster type massively parallel integrated computing method with feedback processing of segmented measurement data is extensively applied to improve the numerical accuracy in transdisciplinary analysis and to improve the design optimization for new-type multiphase fluid applications. Furthermore, for the development ofenergy risk management, we are focusing on a relatively limited region to be analyzed, such as power plants and industrial plants, taking into account the interaction of the structure and the tsunami, fracture behavior and structural deformation. We are also developing a simultaneous simulation method for the flotsam mixed tsunami behavior of its interface causing deformation when in collision with structures.

Targeted Application(s)/Industry
We hope to conduct collaborative research with a willing company for a practical application of this technology in the fields of semiconductor wafer cleaning, high-heat flux cooling of supercomputer processor.


Institute of Fluid Science

ISHIMOTO, Jun , Professor
Doctor of Engineering