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Hands-On Access Fabrication Facility –Open Facility for MEMS and Semiconductor Prototyping– TOTSU, Kentaro (Associate Professor)
Hardware Development of Brain Computer and its Application to Visual Information Processing SATO, Shigeo (Professor)
Hierarchy Control in Structure and Creation of Novel Properties in Nano Scale Materials TANIGAKI, Katsumi (Professor)
High Performance Computer Architectures and their Applications KOBAYASHI, Hiroaki (Professor)
High Sensitivity Radioactivity Measurement at Ultra-Low Radioactivity Environment INOUE, Kunio (Professor)
High-Performance Photoceramics via Green Processes KAKIHANA, Masato (Professor)
High-Precision Capturing of 3-D Dental-Arch Shapes and Their Occlusal Relation and its Potential Implementation into CAD/CAM Dentistry HATTORI, Yoshinori (Professor)
High-speed and low-power asynchronous Network-on-Chip system based multiple-valued current-mode logic HANYU, Takahiro (Professor)
High-Speed Vision for Real-Time Motion Analysis KAGAMI, Shingo (Associate Professor)
High-Speed, Low-Temperature Deposition of Hard Ceramics Coating GOTO, Takashi (Professor)
High-Temperature Processes and Measurements of Materials FUKUYAMA, Hiroyuki (Professor)
Highly Functional Semiconductor Lasers and Nanoimaging Applications YOKOYAMA, Hiroyuki (Professor)
Highly Sensitive and Simultaneous Absolute Protein Quantification by LC-MS/MS TERASAKI, Tetsuya (Professor)
Highly-efficient Coating Technique for Preparation of High-temperature Superconductor Film GOTO, Takashi (Professor)
Hormone Actions in Human Breast Carcinoma SUZUKI, Takashi (Professor)
Hybridized Organic and Polymer Nanocrystals for Optically Functional Materials OIKAWA, Hidetoshi (Professor)
Hydrogen embrittlement of high strength steels AKIYAMA, Eiji (Professor)