Study on Phase Change Materials for PCRAM Application

Features and Uniqueness
  • Phase change random access memory (PCRAM) has attracted attention as next-generation non-volatile memories. A conventional PCM is Ge-Sb-Te which shows a fast crystallization speed and an excellent reversibility of phase transition. However, Ge-Sb-Te has a low crystallization temperature of about 150 ºC and a high melting temperature of over 600 ºC , which limits data retention and causes high power consumption, respectively.
  • We have developed a new phase change materials with high crystallization temperature and low melting point such as Ge-Cu-Te etc, which have high potential as PCRAM materials with high thermal stability and low power consumption (Fig.1,2).
Practical Application

Our materials are developed for PCRAM, DVD recording materials etc. We hope the collaboration research with companies which are interested in our developed phase change materials.



Graduate School of Engineering

Yuji Suto, Professor
Doctor of Engineering