Development of a reaction process in supercritical water

Features and Uniqueness
  • We are developing a new continuous flow type process for supercritical reactions. Under the supercritical state, the organic molecules and metal salt aqueous solutions are miscible and water molecule works as an acid/base catalyst which leads to rapid reactions. In order to apply such new reaction fields to an industrial process, it is necessary to establish the process design basis by understanding phenomena in the reaction fields, on the basis of phase equilibrium, flux and reaction kinetics theory. So while developing a process, we are doing research for the establishment of the process design basis.
Practical Application

Examples are a process for the synthesis of organic modified nanoparticles (MPs), a process for the pretreatment and solubilization of biomass in the supercritical/subcritical water and a process for the refinery of heavy oil in the supercritical water.



Advanced Institute for Materials Research

Tadafumi Ajiri, Professor
Doctor of Engineering