X-Ray Phase Imaging for High-Sensitive Non-Destructive Testing

Features and Uniqueness
  • Conventional X-ray imaging methods that rely on X-ray attenuation cannot generate clear contrast in the observation of low-density materials such as polymers consisting of low-Z elements. However, the sensitivity to the materials can be improved drastically by X-ray phase imaging that detects X-ray refraction caused by the materials. X-ray Talbot or Talbot-Lau interferometry consisting of X-ray transmission gratings is now constructed in laboratories for X-ray phase imaging. X-ray phase tomography is also realized, enabling high-sensitive three-dimensional observation.
  • X-ray phase imaging can be utilized for X-ray non-destructive testing of industrial products and baggage that cannot be checked conventionally.
Practical Application

We aim at appending a phase-contrast mode to micro-CT apparatuses and developing screening apparatuses in production lines.



Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials

Atsushi Momose, Professor