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Supercritical Fluid Technology Based on its Unique Properties

Features and Uniqueness
  • We have investigated various physical properties of supercritical fluids and their mixture. The properties studied are density, viscosity, phase equilibria, solubility, etc. under high temperatures and pressures. Using these suprecritical fluid features, we have proposed their application technologies; such as extraction of natural resources, cleaning, drying, catalyst preparation, polymer processing, polymer recycling, biomass conversion and controlled delivery. The methodologies used are experiments, simulation and theretical ones.
Practical Application

Cleaning Technology: precision machinery component, optical component, etc.
Extraction of Natural Resources: food, supplements, aroma.
Polymer Processing: functional resin, electronic component, etc.



New Industry Creation Hatchery Center

Hiroshi Inomata, Specially Appointed Professor(Research)
Doctor of Engineering