Eco-Material Processing

Features and Uniqueness
  • The major subject of our group is ferrous process metallurgy including thermodynamics of metals, alloys and molten slags, high temperature heterogeneous kinetics, phase equilibria of complex oxide systems and so on. We are interested in physic-chemical fundamentals of processing of metals, slags, scrap and waste. Recently our research interests are extended to multidisciplinary area so-called "Industrial Ecology" by the combination of process metallurgy, LCA (life cycle assessment) and social science such as econometrics.
Practical Application

Typically our research group is aggressively working in the area of material flow analysis of critical metals considering the quality of recycled materials. Currently our major research partners are steel and non-ferrous industries, while we do hope to collaborate with waste treatment company, mineral industry and an administrative organ.



New Industry Creation Hatchery Center

Tetsuya Nagasaka,
Doctor of Engieering