Neutron scattering study on macroscopic quantum phenomena

Features and Uniqueness
  • In contrast to other scattering techniques, such as x-ray and electron diffractions, neutron scattering has the following advantages: 1) light atoms, such as H and Li, can be detected; 2) electron spins can be detected; 3) low energy excitations can be investigated. Using the neutron scattering technique, we search for macroscopic quantum phenomena in many-body electron systems, such as macroscopic singlet ground states in the quantum frustrated magnets and spin-fluctuation-mediated unconventional superconductors.
Practical Application

As noted above, neutron scattering can be used for investigating magnetic structure, spin dynamics, light atom positions in crystalline materials and their dynamics. Hence, this technique is very useful when those pieces of information are to be known.



Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials

Taku J Sato, Professor
Doctor of Science