Bio-inspired engineering for energy and biological applications

Features and Uniqueness
  • Our goal is "bio-inspired engineering" to create new functions that exhibit functions beyond the nature systems by learning from their superior functions and incorporating them into creating materials and devices. For example, the development of surface treatment and adhesives learned from mussels, the development of anti-biofouling substrates learned from pitcher plants, the design of non-platinum catalysts for highly active fuel cells (hydrogen, enzymes, microbes, etc.) learned from hemoglobin, and needle-type biosensors learned from biological needles.
Practical Application

Based on electrochemistry and polymer chemistry, I provide technologies and expertise in the energy, biotechnology, and electrical and electronic fields, including metal-air batteries, fuel cells, surface treatment, adhesion, biosensors, etc.



Frontier Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences

Hiroya Abe, Associate Professor
Ph. D. in Electrochemistry