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Intellectual Property Contact Intellectual Property Division

Please fill in all the required fields and click the "Confirm" button. (* required)


  • We will try to respond within two weeks of your request.
  • There are several cases in which we may not be able to respond to your request:
    - When your application form is incomplete or the context of your request is unclear
    - When the technical needs can be solved by own effort
    - When our university does not have any faculty member who has the ability to respond to your technical needs
    - When our university considers the subject matter is not suitable for its mission
  • We will set up a meeting after we find an appropriate faculty member.
  • The initial meeting will be free of charge (i.e. non-confidential consultation to confirm your request with the faculty member).
  • If the follow-up meetings are required for further consultation, you will be asked to enter into a research agreement such as "Academic Consulting Agreement" or "Joint Research Agreement" (fees required).