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Intellectual Property Members

Director of Intellectual Property Division


Nishimura, Naofumi

Position:Director of Intellectual Property Division, Specially Appointed Professor
Field of Expertize:Physics, Architecture/Civil Engineering

Assistant Director of Head Office of Enterprise partnership


Kato, Toshio

Position:Assistant Director of Head Office of Enterprise partnership, Specially Appointed Professor
Field of Expertize:Contract/Legal

Legal Counselor


Bekki, Kazuo

Position:Professor of Graduate School of Law
Field of Expertize:Intellectual Property Law, Electric/Electronic

IP Consultant


Asai, Akira, Ph.D., MBA

Position:IP Strategy Designer, Specially Appointed Professor
Field of Expertize:Mainly the Engineering field, as well as Biotechnology, Agriculture, Medical Engineering, Business Models

Intellectual Property Division


Iino, Yurie

Position:Assistant Director, Specially Appointed Professor, Ph.D. in Engineering, Head of IP Division Administrations/Systemsr
Field of Expertize:Majored in Organic Chemistry. Being exposed to and learning various technologies in current position at Tohoku University.



Takeda, Toshiharu

Position : Specially Appointed Associate Professor
Field of Expertize : Electric/Electronic, Physics Experienced in R&D and IP work related to high-performance materials in the private corporation. Aiming to create value that contributes to the creation of a spiritually rich society from Sendai to all over Japan and the world.

IP Strategy


K. T.

Position:Specially Appointed Assistant Professor
Field of Expertize:Physics, Chemistry


Nagatomo, Norio

Position:Specially Appointed Associate Professor


Nitta, Jun

Position:Specially Appointed Assistant Professor, Ph.D. in Science
Field of Expertize:Physics, Organic Semiconductor



Takata, Ritsuko

Position: Specially Appointed Associate Professor
Field of Expertize:Electric, Optics, Telecomminications, Medical Devices


Kaneko, Hiroshi

Position:Specially Appointed Assistant Professor, Doctor of Medicine
Field of Expertize:Life Sciences

IP Administrator



Koide, Tomoko


K. S.


Onodera, Megumi


Sato, Shizuka


Saito, Tomomi


M. T.


Y. Y.


M. S.


H. I.


K. U.


K. N.