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About Us Greetings

For being a university that contributes to society

Director, Head Office of Enterprise Partnerships
Takuro Ueda

Since its foundation, Tohoku University has conducted world-class research and education based on the principles of “Research First,” “Open-Door,” and “Practice-Oriented Research and Education.”

We have contributed to peace and prosperity of global economy by fostering human resources with strong leadership capacities, while our research achievements have provided solutions to issues that our society confronts.

For being a university that contributes to society, we have established the “Head Office of Enterprise Partnerships” (HOEP) in April 2015.

The HOEP will continue to pursue industry-university collaboration with its priority on Tohoku University's goal of becoming a “World-Leading University” that takes on various challenges faced in society, and we look forward to working with you in this endeavor.

April 2020