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Service ServiceAcademic Consulting

Academic Consulting is another form of industry-university collaboration scheme in which our faculty members provide technical guidance, supervising, and other consultations that may not be suitable under a Joint Research or Sponsored Research. Our faculty member will provide the service under his/her university duty (i.e. not as a spare-time occupation).

Determination of Faculty Member and Contents of Academic Consulting

If the faculty member for Academic Consulting is already determined

Please consult with the faculty member regarding your requested contents, period, and fees for his/her Academic Consulting.

If you have your request but do not know the appropriate faculty member

Please contact Industrial Liaison Division, Head Office of Enterprise Partnerships. Our coordinator will support finding the appropriate faculty member.

Consulting Period and Fees

The period of Academic Consulting varies form a few months to over a year and it can be determined flexibly depending on your needs. The consulting fees will be allocated to the faculty member's research expense account (i.e. not considered as his/her personal income). The Consulting fees will be determined through discussions between the collaborator and the faculty member, but the minimum fee is set as 10,000 JPY / hour (with no upper limit).

How to Apply

If you have agreed on the contents, period, and fees for the Academic Consulting, please apply through the faculty member or to the administration office of his/her department.

You will be required to submit "Academic Consulting Agreement." Please refer to the Academic Consulting Agreement (Draft) for further details of its terms and conditions.