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Service Non-Disclosure Agreement

In order to protect each other's intellectual properties and maintain mutual trust for potential collaboration, we may ask to enter into a Non-Disclosure Agreement ("NDA") with our collaborators in following cases:

  1. When the parties search for collaboration research themes of mutual interests under an organizational cooperation scheme.
  2. When the parties need to disclose each other's proprietary technical information or business information prior to the execution of a research agreement.
  3. When the parties hold a technology exchange seminar in cooperation (provided that such seminar is not part of any previous agreement with confidentiality obligations).

If any research agreement with confidentiality obligations is entered subsequently between the parties, the NDA will be superseded by such agreement.

Authorized Signor

In our university, in order to execute the NDA in a timely manner, each faculty member is given the authority to sign the agreement on behalf of the university. However, if the counter party specifically requests, it may be signed by his/her department head with higher authority.

Non-Disclosure Agreement Draft

We have "One-Way NDA" and "Reciprocal NDA" drafts. Please use either of the following drafts depending on your situation.