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Service ServiceSponsored Research

Our university undertakes to perform "Sponsored Research" commissioned by industry collaborators. The research commissioned by the collaborator is performed by our faculty members in our university facilities.

Determination of Faculty Member and Contents of Sponsored Research

If the faculty member to conduct Sponsored Research is already determined

Please consult with the faculty member regarding your requested contents, period, fees, and research plan for the Sponsored Research.

If you have your research plan but have not found the appropriate faculty member

Please contact Industrial Liaison Division, Head Office of Enterprise Partnerships. Our coordinator will support finding the appropriate faculty member.

Research Expenses

The research expenses required for Sponsored Research are calculated as the aggregate of Direct Expenses and Indirect Expenses*.

*Indirect Expenses is calculated as 30% of Direct Expenses in principle.

How to Apply

If you have agreed on the contents, period, and fees for the Sponsored Research, please apply through the faculty member or to the administration office of his/her department.

You will be required to submit "Sponsored Research Agreement." Please refer to the Sponsored Research Agreement (Draft) for further details of its terms and conditions.