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Service ServiceJoint Research Chair/Division

Under this collaboration scheme, researchers from our faculty and the company share their objective for a mutual subject and, by setting up a specialized laboratory in the university, perform joint research to create practical industry applications from its research results, while the company provides its financial support as well as human resources to the university.

Merits of Joint Research Chairs/Divisions

  • By establishing a stabilized research function within the university, the university and the company can continuously discuss performance of the subject research and perform the research activities more flexibly and speedily.
  • Its research plan and period can be set to aim for practical industry applications. (Compared to general joint research or sponsored research, the research plan and period tend to be more objective-oriented and long-term.)
  • A new laboratory is set up to hire new research staff. (Under general joint research, only existing staff can be used.)
  • The company will be able to discuss the research plan and can jointly own the research results and intellectual properties. (Under the Endowed Chair/Division, only the university has controls over the research and ownership of research results and intellectual properties.)
  • Its title will be "XXXX Joint Research Chairs (Divisions)" depending on the context of the research project, and the company can also include its name in the title if desired.


A Joint Research Chair/Division is composed of [1 Professor or Associate Professor] + [1 Professor, Associate Professor, Lecturer, Assistant Professor, or Assistant] (i.e. 2 faculty members at least).

Participation of the company researchers are sustained through employment either by the university or the company. If the company chooses to sustain the employment of the participating researcher, he/she can be given the title of Visiting Professor or Visiting Associate Professor after our internal review.

Research Expenses

The company will be required to bear the fees to use the university premises and facilities required to maintain the Joint Research Chair/Division in addition to general expenses needed to perform the Joint Research.

How to Apply

  1. Submit the Application Form to the administration office of the department in which you wish to establish the Chair/Division.
  2. Enter into "Cooperation Agreement for Establishment and Management of Joint Research Chair/Division" and "Joint Research Agreement" after our internal review.

Please refer to the Joint Research Agreement for Chair/Division (Draft) for further details of its terms and conditions.


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