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Service Co-creation Research Center

In April 2021, Tohoku University established the "Co-creation Research Center", a collaboration scheme  to develop a collaboration base for planning and implementing co-creation programs, such as joint research and human resource development, to further promote and develop industry-academia co-creation.

Merits of Co-creation Research Center

In order to establish closer cooperation, we will set up a cooperation base with companies in the university.
Since various activities are acceptable under the scheme, a wide range of co-creation activities can be planned and carried out at any time. 
With the support of our faculty, companies will have flexible access to university researchers, knowledge, and facilities. 
For the development of co-creation activities, companies and the university both assign their personnel to serve as the members of the Co-creation Research Center who will operate and support it.
Since it is premised on the continuous promotion of cooperation, a multi-year contract is required.


The minimum unit of Co-creation Research Center is composed of one specially appointed faculty member from a company that supervises the operation and one faculty member from a department of the university that supports the operation. 
Furthermore, a cross-departmental operation support team can be established by designating more personnel from each side.

Co-creation Activity Expenses

In addition to personnel expenses for specially appointed faculty members from a company, a company will be responsible for expenses required for co-creation activities, such as expenses for preparing the activity environment and intellectual contribution expenses for activity support.

* 30% of aggregated expenses will be charged separately as Indirect Expenses.

How to Apply

1. A company will be required to submit the "Agreement Form" for the establishment of the Co-creation
 Research Center to the administration office of the department to which the faculty member who will be
 responsible for providing operational support belongs.
2. "Co-creation Research Center Agreement"  will be finalized after our internal review.
    In addition, submission of personnel documents related to secondments or cross-appointments will be required.
    For detail information, please contact the administration staff of the department.

Co-creation Research Center List

Establishment Name Main Purpose(※1)
2021  October Aichi Steel x Tohoku University,
Materials & Process for the next-generation Electric  Axle Co-Creation Research Institute 
Research Promotion
November Bridgestone x Tohoku Univ. Co-creation Lab Human Resources Development
November Tohoku Electric Power x Tohoku Univ. Co-creation Research Center Research Theme Exploration
2022 February JFE Steel x Tohoku Univ. Collaborative Research Lab for Green Steel Research Promotion  Theme Exploration
March Tohoku Electric Power Engineering & Construction x Tohoku Univ. Co-creation Research Center※2 Research Theme Explorattion
April Toyota Motor East Japan x Tohoku Univ. Co-creation Research Center for Environmentally-Friendly Manufacturing Research Promotion
April DOWA x Tohoku Univ. Co-creation Research Center Research Theme Exploration
April Pixie Dust Technologies x Tohoku Univ. Co-creation Research Center for Holographic Well-Being Research Theme Exploration
July DAIDO STEEL x Tohoku Univ.  Co-creation Research Center Research Promotion  Theme Exploration
September IHI x Tohoku University Co-creation Research Center of Ammonia Value Chain for Carbon Neutrality Research Promotion  Theme Exploration
October TDK x Tohoku University Co-creation Research Center for Renewable Energy Conversion Devices and Materials Research Theme Exploration
October Fujitsu and Tohoku University Discovery Intelligence Lab. Research Promotion  Theme Exploration
October SMM x Tohoku University GX Materials Science Co-Creation Research Center Research Theme Exploration
2023 March ALPSALPINE x Tohoku Univ. Co-creation Research Center for Connected Value Creation Research Theme Exploration
April Dexerials x Tohoku Univ. Photonic Meta Sensing Co-creation Research Center
Research Promotion
Human Resources Development
April Furukawa Electric x Tohoku Univ. Photonics Co-creation Research Center
Research Theme Exploration
Human Resources Development
April 3DC x Tohoku Univ. Co-creation Research Center to "Change the World" with New Carbon GMS Material
Research Promotion
Research Theme Exploration 
August Seiko Epson Corporation x Tohoku Univ. Co-creation Research Center for Sustainable Materials Research Promotion
October Mitsui Chemicals Crop & Life Solutions X Tohoku Univ. 
Co-creation Research Center for Biological Solutions
Research Promotion
Research Theme Exploration 
November NEC x Tohoku Univ. Co-Creation Institute of Space-Integrated Network for Resilient Digital Transformation Research Promotion
Research Theme Exploration
December TRE HOLDINGS x Tohoku Univ. Co-Creation Research Center for WX (Waste Transformation) Research Promotion
2024 February

SWCC x Tohoku University Co-Creation Research Center for High Functional Metals

Research Theme Exploration
Human Resources Development

※1: Please take advantage of Co-creation Research Center for a variety of purposes, including "Research Promotion", "Research Theme Exploration", "Human Resources Development", and "Facilities Utilization".

※2:  Detailed information is not available.