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Intellectual Property Greetings




   Director, Intellectual Property Division

   Nishimura, Naofumi


Since the foundation of the New Industry Creation Hatchery Center in April 1998, Tohoku University has been a leader in industry-academia collaboration in Japan. Since 2021, we have been implementing new initiatives to expand joint research and utilization of intellectual property. Our effort to support intellectual property strategies in the establishment of venture companies is fully in progress. Our intellectual property income exceeded 400 million yen in FY2021, and we continue to be in the position to lead in industry-academia collaboration in our country. 

With our primary objective of industry-academia collaboration to proactively promote practical implementation of Tohoku University’s intellectual properties, we have been working on various initiatives including technology transfer, coordinating joint research, starting university-supported ventures, establishment of venture capital firms, human resource development such as MOT, regional collaboration, promotion of open innovation, and so on. While our efforts are now steadily bearing fruit, there are still various issues.

The trust of those involved in our activities is of the utmost importance in order to successfully achieve our goal and to resolve various issues.  Expansion of our consultation services in the Intellectual Property Department has resulted in increase of the interest in intellectual property within the university as well as communication outside the university. In order to build a network that connects people with technology, which is essential for industry-academia collaboration and technology transfer, we will continue to do out best to earn the trust of all those involved in our activities.

July 2021