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Intellectual Property Invention Disclosures etc.

Submission of the invention disclosure is an obligation of all faculty members when he/she creates an invention and wishes to file a patent application.

After invention disclosure is submitted, proccessing usually takes 2 to 3 months to start to file patent application.
Please directly contact Intellectual Property Division if urgent attention is required.

Whether the university accepts an assignment of right for the patent from the inventor and claims the ownership will be determined by the university's internal Intellectual Property Reviewing Committee. Because it may take more than a month from the submission of invention disclosure to the decision of Committee, please submit the invention disclosure as soon as the invention is created.

Depending the types of intellectual properties, the contacts are different. Please refer to the following:

Types of intellectual properties and disclosure methods

Patent, utility model, design, trademark, circuit layout use right, breeder's right, know-how, copyright

Disclosure method:Entry through WEB, Invention Disclosure Form below (Available in Japanese only)
※Supported Browser: Google Chrome 72.0 and above, Safari 12.1 and above, Mozilla Firefox 65.0 and above, Internet Explorer 11.0 and above
※Please login with User ID and password provided by Tohoku Univeresity.

※Detail instruction is available below.

Contact : Intellectual Property Division (notice automatically sent after entry)

Research Materials

You are required to submit the Material Transfer Agreement when you provide a research material to or accept a research material from outside organizations.

Required Document : Material Transfer Agreement
Contact : Administration Office of each Department

About Invention Disclosure Form

For detailed instructions on how to use Invention Disclosure Form, please refer to the following Invention Disclosure Form User's Manual.


Please contact our Intellectual Property Division if you have any questions.