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Rules / Formats Policies

Industry-University-Government Cooperation Policy

  1. Increase social values of the university’s research and education by actively transferring its scientific and technological achievements to industry and other sectors in consideration of its founding principles of “Research First” and “Practice-oriented Research and Education.”
  2. Promote technology transfer and collaborative research as well as research generating world-leading technological innovations as part of its international Industry-University-Government cooperation activities.
  3. Become a driving force for regional innovation by promoting continuous Industry-University-Government cooperation to solve regional issues, and contribute to the development of Japanese economy and society as a whole.
  4. Establish a management function for promotion of Industry-University-Government cooperation and conduct cooperation activities with global visions by collaborating with related international and domestic organizations as well as utilizing the university’s internal resources.
  5. Achieve its social accountability through ensuring transparency and compliance with international and domestic laws and regulations as well as international treaties as fundamentals of promoting Industry-University-Government cooperation activities.

Intellectual Property Policy

  1. Clarification of Intellectual Property Ownership
    Establish a management function to acquire and manage intellectual property rights so that the university retain controls over the intellectual property rights based on an invention resulting from research conducted by its faculty members.
  2. Priority in utilization of intellectual properties in society
    Make the principle of“utilization of intellectual properties in society” as its first priority, and actively facilitate exploitations of the university’s intellectual property rights worldwide.
  3. Enforcement of Collaboration with Industry
    Cater to a variety of industry needs for the university’s intellectual properties and research through facilitation of collaboration with its Technology Licensing Organization (TLO) and internal liaison functions.
  4. Creation of Knowledge through Use of Intellectual Properties
    Reimburse financial income for the inventor as well as the university to heighten his/her research incentive and create new knowledge.
  5. Timely Procedure for Registration and Management of Intellectual Property Rights
    Accommodate a specialized function for the registration and management of intellectual property rights and makes efficient timely decisions.
  6. Transparency in Management
    Establish highly-transparent and equal relationships with industry in accordance with the university’s disciplines and fulfill social accountability through internal audit functions.