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Optical Communication Technologies Supporting Global Networks

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Ultrahigh-speed and highly efficient optical transmission is the driving force behind attempts to realize advanced high-speed networks that support ultrahigh-precision image transmission or ultra-realistic communication. We are actively engaged in ultrahigh bit rate transmission exceeding 1 Tbit/s/channel, and ultra-multi-level coherent QAM transmission in which the information is encoded in both the amplitude and phase of an optical beam. In addition, we are developing a mode-locked laser with extremely high stability and femtosecond lasers, photonic crystal fibers having many air holes in the fiber cross-section, multi-core fibers and their application to optical communication.

Targeted Application(s)/Industry

Possible collaboration with industries and national institutes includes the area of ultrahigh-speed optical transmission, coherent optical communication, optical amplifiers, novel optical fibers, fiber lasers, and optical fiber measurement technologies. We are currently carrying out collaborations with AIST, NICT, and several companies in the field of optical fibers, materials, components, and communication carriers.


Research Institute of Electrical Communication

NAKAZAWA, Masataka , Professor


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