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Innovation of Self-Sustainable Sewage Treatment Technology with Minimum Energy Requirement

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Costly and energy consuming sewage treatment systems like conventional activated sludge process (ASP) cannot be a good answer for the problems in developing countries. One of the solutions could be to find out proper alternative technology for the treatment of ever increasing sewage at low cost.
Up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) technology is one of the most suitable technologies for municipal sewage treatment in developing countries. However, UASB alone is not sufficient to meet the effluent discharge standards set by many countries. Effluent of UASB needs further treatment. There is a need of a post treatment system, which doesn't overshadow the benefits of UASB itself.
We originally developed and proposed DHS technology (Down-flow Hanging Sponge Reactor) as an appropriate aerobic post-treatment process for UASB-treating municipal sewage. The UASB-DHS combined system does not require any external aeration input but gives excellent treatment performance equivalent to the conventional activated sludge process (ASP), bringing advantages for significant reductions in construction and O&M, land-requirement and excess-sludge yield and so on. Now, this innovative technology comes into practical stage by the fact that a full-scale UASB-DHS system with a treatment capacity of 5MLD (equivalent to 33,000 population) is just appearing in September 2013 in Agra, India by collaboration between India and Japan.

Targeted Application(s)/Industry
We are ready to provide academic consultations and assistantships to companies who are interested in our technology, which need an innovation for cost-effective and less-energy wastewater treatment technology.


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HARADA, Hideki , Professor
Doctor of Engineering