Photo-Induced Characteristics of TiO2 Prepared by Anodic Oxidation

Features and Uniqueness
  • Ti anodizing technique has been offered for coloring the surface of Ti, and its mechanism is understood by light interference varied with the oxide thickness. A characteristic of this study is to control the crystallinity of the oxide, and its originality is to provide photo-induced characteristics to Ti and its alloys by controlling the electrochemical conditions differed from that of coloration technology. This study is aimed for controlling the surface of Ti by using a simple and easy, inexpensive technique and to fabricate high functional titanium materials.
Practical Application

Related to practical applications, it is considered as a use for environmental purification such as deodorization and water purification, biomaterial and antibacterial and structural titanium.



Institute for Materials Research

Naoya Masahashi, Professor
Doctor of Engineering