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Application of Nuroimaging Technique to Interface Evaluation TAKAHASHI Makoto (Professor)
Development of Nano-Medical-Agricultural Applied Technology Using Ion-Controlled Plasma KANEKO Toshiro (Professor)
High-Precision Capturing of 3-D Dental-Arch Shapes and Their Occlusal Relation and its Potential Implementation into CAD/CAM Dentistry HATTORI Yoshinori (Professor)
Biometric Monitor and Therapeutic Apparatus System Mounted Inside Mouth KOSEKI Takeyoshi (Professor)
Development of Novel Bone Substitute Biomaterials Showing Highly Osteoconductive Property SUZUKI Osamu (Professor)
Development of the next generation anti-HIV agents KODAMA Eiichi (Professor)
Regulation of TSLP Production in Keratinocytes HIRASAWA Noriyasu (Professor)
Development of Biomedical Micro/Nano Integrated System Using LSI Technology TANAKA Tetsu (Professor)
Visualization of Biological Microstructure with High Frequency Ultrasound and Photoacoustic Imaging SAIJO Yoshifumi (Professor)
Peptide and Protein Designs for Unexplored Fileds UMETSU Mitsuo (Professor)
Study on Tactile/Touch Feeling Sensor TANAKA Mami (Professor)
Development of Wearable Motion Measurement System for Motor Rehabilitation and Healthcare WATANABE Takashi (Professor)
Elucidation of oncogenesis by Fbxw7 NAKAYAMA Keiko (Professor)
Regulation of ABC Transporters in Colorectal Cancer NAKAYAMA Keiko (Professor)
Development of New Drugs and Devices Regulating Inter-Organ Neural Network for Obesity Therapy KATAGIRI Hideki (Professor)
Development of devices regulating inter-organ neural network for diabetes therapy KATAGIRI Hideki (Professor)
Drug Delivery System for Retinal Protection ABE Toshiaki (Professor)
New High-Throughput, High Resolution DNA Methylation Analysis Method, PCR-Luminex for the Diagnosis of Genomic Imprinting Disorders in ART Babies ARIMA Takahiro (Professor)
Smart Ageing Initiative KAWASHIMA Ryuta (Professor)
Improvement of Seed Production by Using Reproductive Trait in Crops, Especially, Rice and Cruciferous Crops WATANABE Masao (Professor)