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For First-time Users (How to Use)

"Tohoku University Research Profiles" is published for the purpose of utilizing Tohoku University's research results and resources in various industries.
Please use this site to find a match for your R&D needs.
We welcome your contact and inquiries.

How to search Research Profile

・By Free Word Search

・By Research Fields

 Research Profiles are categorized in 9 different research fields.
  Life Sciences
  Information Communication
  Nanotechnology / Materials
  Manufacturing Technology
  Social Infrastructure
  Liberal Arts

・By Index

 Researchers are listed in alphabetical order by their family names.
  Research Themes

Found a Research Profile to match your needs?

For further information, the inquiry form is available at the top right of an individual profile page. We will make additional arrangements for a meeting with the researcher on your inquiry.

Top Page description

 "Topics": news, events, achievements, press releases, site updates, etc.

Profile Page description


 "JAPANESE": link to the Reseach Profile in Japanese.
 "INQUIRY": link to an online inquiry.
 "PDF": link to relevant information in PDF format.

・Items at the right side menu

 "Browsing History": shows the latest 5 Reseach Profiles the user browsed.
 "Same Researcher": shows other Reseach Profile(s) of the same Researcher.
 "Common Keywords": shows other Research Profile(s) having common Keywords.
 "Topics": shows other content(s) of the news related the Researcher.
 "Patent Information": shows other content(s) of patent information.
 "User Who Reviewed This Content Also Reviewed": shows other Research Profile(s) commonly reviewed by the users reviewed the same Research Profile.