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Material Design for Solution of Energy and Environmental Problems by Multi-Physics and Multi-Scale Simulation KUBO, Momoji (Professor)
Fuel Cell and Energy Storage Using Ion Conduction in Ceramics KAWADA, Tatsuya (Professor)
Understanding and application of thermoacoustic phenomena BIWA, Tetsushi (Professor)
Surface scientific approach for developments in fuel cell's catalysts WADAYAMA, Toshimasa (Professor)
Advanced Functional Materials and Nanotechnology for Post-Lithium ion Battery HONMA, Itaru (Professor)
Combustion and Atomization Technology in High-Pressure Gas Turbine Conditions KOBAYASHI, Hideaki (Professor)
Development of Potential Thermoelectric Materials MIYAZAKI, Yuzuru (Professor)
High Sensitivity Radioactivity Measurement at Ultra-Low Radioactivity Environment INOUE, Kunio (Professor)
Reactor Operation Monitoring by Neutrinos SUEKANE, Fumihiko (Professor)
Development of Renewable Energy Systems for Sustainable Development Society YUGAMI, Hiroo (Professor)
Quantum and Molecular Dynamic Simulations of Transport Phenomena in Fuel Cell TOKUMASU, Takashi (Professor)
Development of Sustainable Integrated Multiphase Energy System ISHIMOTO, Jun (Professor)
Identification of Ignition and Combustion Characteristics by a Micro Flow Rector with a Temperature Gradient MARUTA, Kaoru (Professor)
Development of the method of Baby Borehole Hydraulic Fracturing, BABHY ITO, Takatoshi (Professor)
Development of an Industrial Instrument / the Medical Equipment Using the Contactless Power Transmission System MATSUKI, Hidetoshi (Professor)
A Novel Process for Continuous Production of High Quality Biodiesel with Ion-Exchange Resin Catalysts SHIBASAKI-KITAKAWA, Naomi (Professor)
Research on High Performance Motor and its Applications ICHINOKURA, Osamu (Professor)
Novel-Concept Silicon Integrated Circuits Derived from the 3-Dimensional Device, Circuit and Architecture ENDOH, Tetsuo (Professor)
Fabrication of Imitative Stress Corrosion Cracking Specimens for the Development of Nondestructive Evaluation Techniques YUSA, Noritaka (Associate Professor)
Integrated Design for Sustainable Energy Systems NAKATA, Toshihiko (Professor)