Smart Ageing Initiative

Features and Uniqueness
  • In Japan, the percentage of elderly people aged 65 years or over was 23.1% in 2010. It is no doubt that Japan is the world's first super-aging society. In such a super-aging environment, it is necessary to form a society in which each individual can play an active role even as one becomes older in order to maintain and improve the quality of life of all people and to maintain a healthy society. In advanced brain science, research from the fields of brain function imaging, cognitive science, and psychology has been utilized with the aim of realizing a healthy aging society. Up to date information on various new technologies and related discoveries has been disseminated so that individuals can live a healthy life with peace of mind at every stage of aging, while maintaining and improving the health of their brain and mind in a diverse and complex society.
Practical Application

We believe to overcome super-aging environments is not only an object of public concern but also big business chances to create new industries.



Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer

Ryuta Kawashima, Professor
Doctor of Medicine