Glass that conducts heat well

Overview of Technology

We aim to give high thermal conductivity to glass, which is known as a material that does not conduct heat well, and to apply it to new fields.

Comparison with Conventional Technology

If mixed with a high thermal conductive material, glass can be a good conductor of heat. However, all the advantages of glass, such as transparency and freedom of molding, are lost. In this research, we succeeded in developing a transparent glass with high thermal conductivity that retains its glassiness by adopting the strategies of high thermal conductivity MgO deposition and refractive index matching.

Features and Uniqueness
  • Transparent
  • Free molding
  • Thermal conductivity ~ 3 W/(m K) [300% of that of window glass]
Practical Application

Heat dissipation management using glass [heat dissipating glass substrates, lenses, fibers, etc.]



Graduate School of Engineering

Nobuaki Terakado, Associate Professor
Dr. Eng.