Development of Integration of Science and Technology for Tsunami Disaster Mitigation

Features and Uniqueness
  • The Tsunami Engineering Laboratory (TEL) is the only laboratory in the world that studies tsunamis from an engineering point of view. In addition to studying modern and ancient tsunamis through field surveys and analysis of historical documents, human science, and disaster information, the TEL has developed a numerical simulation of tsunamis. This simulation is currently being used to develop highly accurate quantitative tsunami warnings and design characteristics of waterfront structures.
  • After the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, we re-started the research activity to enhance at a new research institute (IRIDeS) and education at a new inter-graduate school doctoral degree program on science for global safety.
Practical Application

The tsunami prediction technology enables influence, the hazard to the area along the shore in the future and a damage prediction. Where can you cope by current prophylaxis to? I can consider what is short concretely. The technology can be applied to the filed for an administration as well as the social infrastructure, insurance, traffic, and energy relations.



International Research Institute of Disaster Science

Fumihiko Imamura, Professor
Doctor of Engineering