Visual Computing with Secure ICT in the Big Data Era

Features and Uniqueness
  • Our study focuses on sensing, processing, recognition, understanding, and analysis of enormous visual data collected in real-world environments. We have invented a set of advanced techniques of sub-pixel image analysis using phase-based image matching. Potential applications include personal recognition using various biometric traits (e.g., face, fingerprint, palm print, finger knuckle print, iris, and medical radiographs), machine vision, multi-view 3D reconstruction, image database search, and medical image computing. We are also studying fundamental techniques for building secure ICT infrastructure for the big data era; our research interests include tamper-resistant cryptographic processing and biometrics-based secure remote authentication.
Practical Application

We can provide collaboration and information exchange services for industries and other research organizations in the fields of image processing, computer vision, information security, biometrics, LSI design, and embedded system technologies. Many researchers and engineers from various companies, universities, and research institutions have visited our laboratory regardless of their technology fields. Our staff at the Intelligent Information System (IIS) Research Center will welcome potential collaborators:



Administrative Staff

Takafumi Aoki, Professor
Doctor of Engineering