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Development of the next generation anti-HIV agents



HIV infection is one of most serious concern in infectious diseases. We will perform anti-HIV assays for unmet medical needs in control of HIV infections with established novel assays. We have developed reverse transcriptase inhibitor that has novel mechanism of inhibition, translocation-inhibition (J Biol Chem, 2009). Dr Kodama participated in the primary screening and development of a new HIV integrase inhibitor, elvitegravir (J Virol 2009), and a unique reverse transcriptase inhibitor, islatravir, which phase III clinical trials by the Merck & Co., Inc. will complete, soon. We have a representative resistant HIV strain-library for anti-HIV screening and several target oriented high through-put screening systems.

Targeted Application(s)/Industry

We can establish high through-put screening for new targets, so please consult with us individually. We are open to joint development requiring BSL3/P3 experimental facilities and academic guidance including other microorganisms.


International Research Institute of Disaster Science

KODAMA Eiichi , Professor


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