Development of Nano-Medical-Agricultural Applied Technology Using Ion-Controlled Plasma

Features and Uniqueness
  • Since we have developed the techniques (ion control plasma) to generate and control ions, electrons, reactive species (radicals) in the low temperature non-equilibrium plasmas which I can touch by hand, the composite materials using nanoparticles, nanocarbons, biological molecules are synthesized in the nano-electronics field, the minimally-invasive and highly-efficient drug/gene transfection systems are developed in the medical field, and bacteria and insects are killed by the plasma in place of pesticide in the agricultural field.
Practical Application

The ion-controlled plasmas are applied for the minimally-invasive gene transfection system, next-generation agricultural system, the electrode material of highly-efficient battery, and so on. We hope to conduct the collaborative research with a willing company for a practical application of the novel plasma nano-medical-agricultural applied technology in industry.



Graduate School of Engineering

Toshiro Kaneko, Professor