Microwave Processing of Functional Inorganic Materials

Features and Uniqueness
  • Microwave processing is one of the attractive fields in recent materials processing. We perform various materials processing using non-equilibrium reaction field induced by microwave and/or ultrasonic irradiation. The topic contains powder metallurgy, nitride coatings, synthesis of new functional materials, fabrication of nanoparticles, etc. Recently we have developed a new TiN coating method using our microwave irradiation equipment operated at a frequency of 2.45 GHz. The method is simple but applicable to various substrates with complex shape. This method can be applied to various nitride coatings and will open a new coating technology in many fields of applications.
Practical Application

The major targets of TiN coatings are for cutting tools, ball bearings, dental implants, die and mold for stamping, and ornaments. The newly developed method makes it possible to perform nitride coatings within a short time using a standard microwave heating equipment. We hope to conduct collaborative research with a willing company for a practical application of these technology.



Administrative Staff

Hirotsugu Takizawa,
Doctor of Engineering