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Development of Immunobiotic Evaluation System for Functional Feeds as a Livestock Animal Model



Pattern recognition receptor (PRR) family plays an important role in the defense through recognition of pathogen-associated molecular patterns or microorganisms-associated molecular patterns (PAMPs/MAMPs).
Some functional feed materials are thought to regulate intestinal immunity by contact and stimulation of epithelial cells and immunocompetent cells via PRRs in the gastrointestinal tract and induction of cytokine production. In this "new world" of feed immunology, however, much remains unknown about the underlying mechanisms of intestinal immunity because of lack of appropriate intestinal immunoassay system for livestock animals.
We have advanced application of originally established porcine and bovine intestinal epitheliocytes (PIE, BIE) cell lines (see photo) for evaluation of immunobiotics and immunogenics exerting anti-inflammatory responses both in PIE cell monolayer and co-culture system with porcine peyer's patch immune cells as a peyer's patch culture model (see illustration).

Targeted Application(s)/Industry

This evaluation system may also contribute to elucidate immunoregulatory mechanism of immunobiotics and immunogenics mediated by pattern recognition receptors essential to future development of not only immunobiotic feeds but also vaccines using immunobiotics to prevent specific diseases. This can benefit mankind by offering immunobiotic feeds as a safer alternative to conventional antibiotic drug therapy.


Graduate School of Agricultural Science

KITAZAWA Haruki , Professor
Doctor of Agriculture


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