Room temperature bonding using thin metal films (Atomic Diffusion Bonding)

Features and Uniqueness
  • Atomic diffusion bonding of two flat wafers with thin metal films is a promising process to achieve wafer bonding at room temperature. High surface energies of metal films and a large atomic diffusion coefficient at the grain boundaries and film surfaces enable bonding at room temperature without unusually high loading pressure. This technique, which enables bonding of any mirror-polished wafer, is gaining wider use for fabricating optical and electrical devices. Moreover, bonding of mirror polished metals and polymer sheets can be achieved, which further extends the application of this bonding technique.
Practical Application

Optical, power and electrical devices, MEMS, bonding of polymer sheets, metals, and ceramics for precision mechanical equipments.



Frontier Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences

Takehito Shimatsu, Professor
Doctor of Engineering