Polymer-nanoparticle hybrid materials

Features and Uniqueness
  • Hybrid materials that show multi-functions of polymer and nanoparticles are expected to be used in future industries, and thus many research and development have been actively conducted. However, since the affinity of polymer and inorganic nanoparticles is very low, in most of the cases, properties of different materials are incompatible in the hybrid materials. To create the hybrid materials with incompatible multi-functions has been considered a difficult task.
  • However, by using supercritical fluid technology, we have succeeded in making hybrid materials with incompatible multi-functions.
Practical Application

Now, variety of hybrid materials are being developed, including
・Transparent, flexible, high reflective index, and high fabricability,
・Flexible, high heat conductivity, low electric resistivity, and high fabricability.



Advanced Institute for Materials Research

Tadafumi Ajiri, Professor
Doctor of Engineering