Innovative Preparing and Thick Coating Technique without Heat Affected Zone and Phase Transformation

Features and Uniqueness
  • The cold spray (CS) technique is known as a new technique not only for coating but also for thick depositions. It has many advantages, i.e. dense coating, high deposition rate, low oxidation, and no phase transformation. We have been carrying out establishment of innovative preparing and coating techniques using the CS, and maintenance of reliability and safety of the cold sprayed repairing parts and coatings. Moreover, in order to evaluate the compatibility between a substrate material and particles based on an adhesion mechanism and scientific basis, various adhesion conditions are examined a micro / nano-structure observation and a molecular simulation.
Practical Application

Our targets were mainly hot section parts of thermal power plants and reactor piping and tubes etc. Recently, it is possible to make a ceramic coating. Therefore, we accelerate the evolution of the other fields including the creation of the functionality materials in near future.



Graduate School of Engineering

Kazuhiro Ogawa, Professor
Doctor of Engineering