Spintronics Devices and Materials

Features and Uniqueness
  • Spintronics is a technology utilizing electron spin which provided magnetic sensor, nonvolatile magnetic memory, and so on. Our studies are as below.
  • Noble & Rare-earth free magnetic films with large perpendicular magnetic anisotropy. We achieved to develop various Mn-bases alloy films exhibiting high perpendicular magnetic anisotropy (Fig.1 ).
  • THz range observation of magnetization motion. We achieved to detect a motion of magnetization using pulse laser in time domain (Fig. 2).
  • Novel organic spin devices. We achieved to fabricate hybrid junction consisting of an organic layer sandwiched by two inorganic magnetic layers and to observe magnetoresistance effect.
  • Tunnel Magnetoresistive devices: We are developing TMR devices with Mn-Ga alloys films (Fig.3 ).
Practical Application

Magnetic memory and storage. Microwave and Terahertz wave. Magnetic sensors.
We hope to conduct collaborative research with a willing company for a practical application of these devices and materials in industry.



Advanced Institute for Materials Research

Shigemi Mizukami, Professor
Doctor of Engineering