Interactive Content to Enrich Our Lives

Features and Uniqueness
  • (1) Displays and Interactive Techniques
  • Designing original display systems to show visual information accurately and effectively, and interaction techniques to make better use of these display systems.
  • (2) Interactive Video Content
  • Creating new interactive content from real video taken by cameras and computer-generated animations.
  • (3) Modeling and Controlling the “Atmosphere” in a Conversation Space
  • Aiming to stimulate the “atmosphere” in a conversation space by supplying real-time feedback to the users, we are exploring means of sensing and analyzing change in the space.
  • (4) Designing and Evaluating Novel Interaction Techniques
  • Designing and evaluating novel interaction techniques on target selection for variety types of displays including large and touch displays.


Research Institute of Electrical Communication

Yoshifumi Kitamura, Professor
Doctor of Engineering