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Creation of a high functional bio-interface using laser fabrication

 Using laser fabrication, we are developing techniques to enhance material surface properties and functionality. For example, to create a functional interface, we aim to clarify, by way of simulation and experimentation, the phenomenon that occurs when the surface of a material is irradiated using a laser beam.
 We expect that the results of our research will be widely applicable, including biomedical devices.

■ Creation of biocompatible surfaces
 Materials used for artificial organs, vessels, and other bio-implants require excellent tissue and cell biocompatibility. Therefore, we are exploring the creation of biocompatible surfaces using a new laser irradiation process in this study.
 We have succeeded in imparting a biologically active function to titanium-based materials by applying the laser irradiation technique. When such a material that has a biologically active function is inserted in a living body, hydroxyapatite (the principal constituent of bones and teeth) precipitates on the surface. Using the laser irradiation technique, we can manufacture bone-adherent implants, and we envisage their application to artificial joints or dental implants.
 This research aims to discover such breakthrough solutions for biomedical applications using the laser irradiation technique.


Department of Mechanical Systems and Design, Graduate School of Engineering

MIZUTANI Masayoshi , Associate Professor
Ph. D. (Engineering)