Development of Advanced Device and Process Technologies and New Image Sensors

Features and Uniqueness
  • Toward the ultimate performances of image sensors, advanced research activities are being conducted that cover a wide range of technology fields from cleanroom infrastructure, materials, process equipment, process, device, circuit, assembly, signal processing, measurement/evaluation and reliability. Following technologies have been successfully commercialized:
  • A fast and accurate measurement technology of electrical characteristics for over 1 million transistors
  • A wide dynamic range CMOS image sensor technology capturing images over five decade brightness ranges
  • An ultra-fast CMOS image sensor technology with 10 million frames/sec
Practical Application

Followings are available for industry collaborators:
A. 200mm-diameter-wafer silicon device fabrication utilizing the ultra-clean facility including wafer mutual fabrication processing between device manufacturers.
B. Process technology development and various kinds of analyses.
C. Development of new image sensors.



New Industry Creation Hatchery Center

Shigetoshi Sugawa, Professor